Every couple is perfectly unique. They each have their own vision, their own must-haves, and their own can-live-withouts.
Florals are also unique They have their own seasons, their own level of rarity, all in addition to being perishable items. Because of this, every wedding floral budget is unique. 




Close your eyes and picture your wedding. How do you envision the space? Are you longing for flowing greenery & garden-inspired designs at every corner? Or are you a minimalistic & modern bride looking for simplicity & intimacy?
Again, your unqiue budget will need to reflect the style & prominence of your florals. 

Florals are often one of the last vendors booked, yet I strongly encourage you to meet with your florist early. This enables you to get a handle on the costs involved for your designs. You can then evaluate what is most important to you, and plan more effectively from the beginning.
As a general rule of thumb, 15-20% of your overall wedding budget should be reserved for florals. 

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Q :  What does a wedding florist do during the wedding week?
A :  When I first got into floral design, I imagined myself delicately plucking stems from a perfectly clean vase, while listening to mood music in the background, as sunlight filtered through a nearby window in a perfect ray across my bench. In actuality, it is a lot more of lugging heavy buckets around, climbing up and down staircases with dozens of centerpieces, and sweeping up cut stems off the ground over and over again. Flowers are organic blooms grown from the earth who require extreme care & gentleness. Often a flower has been grown in a greenhouse, snipped, packaged, and flown from places such as Holland, South America, California, and Canada by the time it finds me. Being in transit for days without a water source is very hard on the flowers, so as soon as I receive them, they are cleaned and babied. Washing & cleaning buckets, stripping thorns, removing outer petals; this often can take a day's worth of work if done properly! Throughout your wedding week, I will watch them like a hawk, making sure they're opening at the perfect rate, helping them along if they aren't, slowing them down if they are. When it comes time to begin creating your designs, each piece is treated like a work of art. The bridal bouquet is the crown jewel, and I will block off time to spend solely focused on designing it, tweaking it, and analyzing it from every angle. When the designs are complete, I inspect everything over and over, making sure the flowers are fresh & perky. 
But the day of the wedding is my absolute favorite.
Arriving at the venue, revealing your bouquet, and finishing off the reception decor with these flowers that I was lucky enough to spend my week with, makes every less than glamorous part of this job SO WORTH it.